Epifibroin Dressing and Powder

Medical Devices in pure silk fibroin

EPIFIBROIN is an innovative line of Medical Devices, based on 100% Pure Silk Fibroin with permanent antimicrobial protection (AEM 5772/5), for the treatment of wounds, burns and traumatic and chronic ulcers (also infected) and in general of dermatoses with erosions and / or ulcerations of skin and semimucose. Treatment of infections (both bacterial and fungal), rashes, irritations and inflammations. 

Two different Medical Devices Class II b – CE


> EPIFIBROIN DRESSING: Pure Silk Fibroin Bandage with permanent antimicrobial protection.

> EPIFIBROIN POWDER: Powder of pure Silk Fibroin with permanent antimicrobial protection.

EPIFIBROIN Medical Devices are based on 2 Patents owned by ALPRETEC

1. The technology of permanently bonding a non-leaching wide spectrum antimicrobial on a textile surface for medical purpose (DERMASILK Patent, 2003)

2. The technology of producing silk fibroin powder through an original mechanical process (EPIFIBROIN Patent, 2012)

Antimicrobial protection AEM 5772/5


  • Permanently bonded to the silk fibroin fibres
  • Non-migrating, non-leaching antimicrobial
  • Mechanically interrupts the micro-organisms cell wall (by electrocution)
  • Not consumed by micro-organisms
  • It maintains its effectiveness throughout the life of the product
  • Does not modify the resident skin flora
  • Does not create microbial adaptation or resistance
  • Odourless, colourless

Epifibroin Powder


The antimicrobial exerts an efficacious control of inflammations and bacterial and fungal infections of the skin, without altering the natural resident flora. Fixed permanently,  it acts with a physical mechanism, attracting pathogenic microorganisms and destroying their cell membrane.

  • Patented Silk Fibroin Powder with Permanent Antimicrobial Protection (AEM 5772/5).
  • The only one that keeps intact the fibroin’s aminoacid chains, enhancing their skin regeneration functions.
  • Highly lipophilic: easily penetrates into the skin.
  • Highly hydrophobic (soluble in water about 2 ppm).
  • Safe: 20 to 100 micron powder, does not interact with metabolic functions, has no adverse effects.
  • Powder obtained from pure silk fibroin fabric with permanent antimicrobial protection, through a patented thermal-mechanical (non-enzymatic) process. 

Epifibroin Dressing


  • Bandage of pure Silk Fibroin with Permanent Antimicrobial Protection (AEM 5772/5)
  • Available in various sizes



Numerous test – in vivo and in vitro have been performed on the biocompatibility and bioeffectiveness of Epifibroin Powder and Dressing.