Intended use

Treatment of wounds, burns and traumatic and chronic ulcers (also infected) and in general of dermatoses with erosions and / or ulcerations of skin and semimucose.
Treatment of infections (both bacterial and fungal), rashes, irritations and inflammations.

EPIFIBROIN DRESSING for the treatment of skin lesions

Bandage in 100% pure silk fibroin without sericin protected with permanent AEM 5772/5 antimicrobial. Indicated in the treatment of wounds (even deep wounds that heal second instance), burns and traumatic and chronic ulcers (including infected ones) and in general dermatoses with erosions and / or ulcerations of the skin and semi-mucous membranes.

The device is disposable, for external, cutaneous, short-term use; in case of very exuding wounds overlap more gauze; fix the bandage with elastic gauze and in any case in a non-occlusive way; to facilitate the removal of the gauze, wet with physiological water, wait 5 minutes and remove slowly.

EPIFIBROIN POWDER for wound treatment

Wound treatment powder in 100% pure silk fibroin without sericin protected with permanent AEM 5772/5 antimicrobial. Powder obtained from a fabric of pure silk fibroin through a chemical / mechanical process that maintains the basic amino acid sequence of the fibroin, therefore it is not composed of free amino acids = (Gly – Ser – Gly – Ala – Gly – Ala) n.

The process does not change the characteristics of the starting fibroin tissue: the powder has antimicrobial capabilities, if the raw material has them.

Indicated in the treatment of poorly or moderately exuding wounds that have already begun the healing and re-epithelialization process, burns and chronic, general and post-traumatic injuries or ulcers, but also abrasions, abrasions and superficial wounds, infections (both bacterial and fungal ), erythema, irritation and inflammation.
The device is for topical, external, cutaneous, short-term use. Due to the lipophilic nature of the powder, avoid preliminary washing with detergents and / or soaps, and it is also necessary to perform a light massage to ensure the absorption of the epidermis; do not apply creams, ointments or detergents before and during the application of the powder, avoid greasy bandages or bandages that release medicines, as they impede and hinder the effectiveness of the device. Its use does not require special skills or particular training for the end user.

Advantages of Epifibroin Medical Devices

  • They allow faster healing of the lesions.
  • They quickly reduce symptoms and clinical signs, improving the quality of life of patients.
  • Unlike the topical treatments in use (cortisone, antibiotics, etc.) they do not have adverse or collateral effects.
  • They reduce the use of topical pharmacological treatments.
  • They are easy to use for the patient, who can self-medicate at home, saving time and costs for the patient and for the Health Service.

Clinical Studies

The efficacy of Epifibroin Dressing and Powder is validated by clinical studies carried out at main European University Clinics.